Kevin Durant: Seattle Basketball Savior?

May 23, 2007 at 5:25 am (NBA basketball)

The Seattle basketball community got a shot in the arm tonight by getting the #2 pick in the upcoming draft AKA Kevin Durant.

The Blazers will repeat history if they draft Durant over Oden. Does anyone here remember the Blazers drafting some guy named Bowie over a guy named Michael Jordan just because they already had a pretty good player in Clyde Drexler? If they make that mistake again I will gladly take Oden #2. It doesn’t matter Oden or Durant, this will create a buzz in Seattle. This is an enormous step in raising the chances of keeping them here. If the Seattle community fails to realize how big of an impact either of these 2 players could be to Seattle scene, I will be embarassed to live in such a city. These two guys have to the potential to be giants in this sport, look what Carmelo Anthony has done for Denver, before Anthony arrived, the Nuggets were pretty sad. Now look at them. Durant or Oden will have that kind of impact.

Also remember that the last # 2 pick the sonics drafted turned out to be hall of fame bound point gaurd from Oregon State. Durant and Oden have that potential. I’m excited. All of Seattle should be excited, becuase one of these two players will be wearing green and gold for the SEATTLE Supersonics.

big question, if we get Oden will he wear #20?????
Things to do.

Coach: we need an experienced coach who will develop Durant and extract all the potential that’s in that thin 6’9″ frame.
Point Gaurd: If we could just combine these players and get a decent 1 that’s 6’4″ shoot jumpers, comamand the offense and play solid defense… one has to go and we need to bring in a solid starting quality point.
Shooting Gaurd: Ray Allen is here, but he is getting old. We need a back up 2 gaurd that can play defense.
Small Forward: if we get Durant we will be stacked here. At least his arrival will lessen the blow of Rashard leaving for nothign absolutely nothing…. well except for cap space.
Power Forward: Wilcox and Collison are solid but neither is stellar. maybe package one with a 2nd for someone…
Center:… if we get Oden…. we have 4 centers… one will have to be dealt.. Are you listening Danny Ainge? Robert Swift is now available!!!

If I was GM… Mr. Wilkens can you hear me?

possible free agents… we will have roughly 13-15 million to work with after lewis leaves and fortson’s contract expires(cheers)

Chauncy Billups – can opt of last year of contract, underpaid as it is at only 6.5 million for being such a clutch player. he is getting old at the age of 31. our back court would be both in their 30s, but that would be a dynamic backcourt tandem. We’d need to trade away Watson or Ridnour to a team that needs a point gaurd. Hello Atlanta?

Bobby Jones – he will be very affordalbe given the fact he’s a second rounder and potentially being let go by the 76ers. He will be a quality backup 2 that can play hard nosed D.

Desmond Mason – he made 8 mil last year and is going to turn 30 this year. He’s goign to be looking for his last big contract before he gets past 30. He’s good enough to be a starter somewhere, but he can be a quality 6th man somewhere also. I’m just mentioning him because he was exciting when he was here and if he were to be the first off the bench to spell Allen at shooting gaurd it would be stellar, we can at least have some dream right?

GARY PAYTON – Veteren Minimum to close out hall of fame career? I’d welcome him back in a heart beat. Signing him would pump heart beats back into the almost lifeless basketball scene in seattle. He’s affordable and he could teach Luke or Earl some pointers.

Gerald Wallace- If we end up with Oden and have a vacancy at the 3 spot. I nominate this guy to take Lewis’s place in the offense AND defense.

Darko Milicic – if the Magic don’t want him i’ll take him here for 15mil/3 years to b

The scenario game:

IF we get Durant and Lewis leaves (conservative):

pg: Luke Ridnour, Earl Watson
sg: Ray Allen, Damien Wilkens,
sf: Kevin Durant, Michel Gelebale
pf: Chris Wilcox, Nick Collison
c: Robert Swift, Johan Petro, Mohammad Sene
+ free agent

IF we get Oden and Lewis leaves (moderate):

pg: Luke Ridnour, Earl Watson
sg: Ray Allen, Damien Wilkens,
sf: Gerald Wallace, Michel Gelebale
pf: Chris Wilcox, Nick Collison, Johan Petro
c: Greg Oden, Robert Swift, Mohammad Sene

*Wallace FA

IF we get Oden and Lewis stays (conservative):

pg: Luke Ridnour, Earl Watson
sg: Ray Allen, Damien Wilkens,
sf: Rashard Lewis, Michel Gelebale
pf: Chris Wilcox, Nick Collison, Johan Petro
c: Greg Oden, Robert Swift, Mohammad Sene

IF we get Durant and Lewis leaves (fantasy):

pg: Chauncy Billups, Earl Watson
sg: Ray Allen, Damien Wilkens,
sf: Kevin Durant, Michel Gelebale
pf: Pau Gasol, Nick Collison
c: Robert Swift, Johan Petro, Mohammad Sene

*Wilcox, Ridnour and 2nd rounders for Pau Gasol.Chaucy Billups 40 mil/4 years

IF we get Oden and Lewis leaves (fantasy):

pg: Delonte West, Earl Watson
sg: Paul Pierce, Damien Wilkens,
sf: Gerald Wallace, Michel Gelebale
pf: Chris Wilcox, Nick Collison
c: Greg Oden, Johan Petro, Mohammad Sene
*Swift, Ridnour and Allen for Paul Pierce, Delonte West and 2nd rounder, Gerald Wallace FA

just a thought


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Correction: Side tracked

May 9, 2007 at 6:38 am (anxiety remix)

An escape from reality is just a fragment of time away from the realization of a dream. Sometimes we fog up our dreams with society’s whispers so much those dreams become de-railed. They are goals that are set from youthful ideals that usualy come true with enough motivation, but also can result in emptiness without focus. The creation of stories in thoughts are the materialization of a series of desires that we have yet to fulfill in reality. Escaping into into a dream is a simple solution to rid of the complexity of life and surroundings. A creative mind can create a thin line that barely separates reality and and dreams.

A. Suns beat Spurs. Correction, they whooped the Spurs asses tonight. Who knew Kurt Thomas was going to be a key factor? He started tonight and did a good job containing Big Fundamental. Shawn Marion also did well defensively agaisnt that pesky French man, Tony Parker. Go SUNS

B. Cavs are up 2-0 against the Nets. is LeBron that good? or are the Nets just suckign against a better team. Other thant Larry Hughes and the Big Z who else is worth having on the Cavs? Aparently we are starting to see the beginning of King James’ reign as the best player in the NBA. Sorry Kobe lovers.

C. Heroes ver.21- Syler is a sadistic bastard. So he feels guilty for killing millions of people and goes home to his mother for comfort. He hasn’t even done so, yet he feels obligated to turn a new leaf and reclaim his past. Big surprise that he ends up killing his mother -sarcasm- … Hiro broke his sword… Hiro needs Andu to forge him a new one… Saresh is the cure to the Heroes, it’s in his DNA that can solve everything… Someone calm Peter Pettrelli he might explode… SO I thought this episode was a subpar follow up to last week’s stellar future episode. It couldn’t be helped right? I meant Hiro knows what he has to do now and he still can’t swing the sword correctly to break the skin of a jelly fish so he will need to go watch some samurai movies and particapate in a local college kendo club before he attempts to be the hero… what’s up with the kid? Micah? he can fix things? what’s his special power??? Next week….

D. LOST – It’s on tomarrow, but I heard some interesting news yesterday. According to Anita there are slated to only be 3 more seasons. The finale will be in 2010. That’s good, 3 more seasosn of a really good show. I hope someone comes up with another hit show similar to it…

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slow motion 050607

May 6, 2007 at 8:55 am (anxiety remix)

Hope fuels the engine that keeps motivation in motion. Without it, the slow burn of life becomes an empty sense of chaos.

050607 is the origin of the flow of motion

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